QuickBooks 2014

As a powerful business accounting tool, QuickBooks® can be a huge help when it comes to streamlining your business’ accounting process. From pointing your company in the right direction financially to saving you hours on payroll, the program makes going online with your accounting easier than ever.

With the recent release of QuickBooks 2014, a lot of improvements have been made and a handful of new features are scattered throughout—in fact, a lot of the changes made to the new version of QuickBooks were commonly asked about and requested by users.

So, what’s new and helpful to you, as a business owner?


In the past, it seems as though support and integration with e-mail hasn’t been as efficient as it should be. This year, a lot of changes were made to this area of the program. The entire e-mail feature has been overhauled, giving you more control of messages sent from QuickBooks. The Customer Center now has a new tab for sent e-mails, allowing you to see a history of the back and forth with a particular customer. Additionally, you now have the ability to send a customer payment receipt via e-mail.

Job Costing

A number of changes have been made to the Job Costing feature—an area of the program that most, if not all, users take advantage of. In QuickBooks 2014, you’ll be able to specify a sales rep for a job and can filter reports by job status. In addition, the Enterprise version of the program allows you to customize bill, check and credit card transactions and allows you access to two new job costing reports: Job WIP Summary and Committed Cost by Jobs.

Income Tracker

This new dashboard-like tool will let you open and see the current status of invoices, overdue invoices, unbilled estimates, unpaid transactions and more. Organized in a spreadsheet list format, this easy-to-use feature replaces the Collection Center available in older versions of the program, which ultimately improves the overall billing and collections process. QuickBooks 2014 now lets you see all of your unbilled/unpaid sales transactions and transaction details, print or send a copy of a transaction via e-mail, sort lists and print a group of transactions in a batch.


For added convenience, the entire Payroll Center of QuickBooks has been rearranged. The new setup is consistently organized, providing you with more information at your fingertips than ever before. In the new Payroll Center, you can pay employees, file forms and pay liabilities while viewing recent payroll transitions—an area brand new for 2014. Keep in mind, in order to open any of the PDF files in the Payroll Center, you’ll have to be connected to the internet.

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