Tax season is wrapping up, but for those of you that haven’t completed your records yet, there are some things you should know. Implementing the following tips could save you from making critical errors on your return and significantly lower your stress level.

1. Get Rid of Clutter!

Tracking down a single receipt is like finding a needle in a haystack—extremely frustrating. Take time every quarter to weed out any unnecessary files. You’ll avoid the clutter for 2016 and keep the chaos at bay. While it is important that you maintain your records year-round, it does help to draw the line somewhere.

2. Don’t Mix Business & Pleasure

If you use the same bank account for your business and personal expenses, you may be in for a major headache. Nobody wants to be audited, but you definitely don’t want to be audited AND have a mess to untangle. One of the smartest—and simplest—things you can do is establish separate accounts for your different expenditures. Better safe than sorry, right?

3. Get Help from Professional Bookkeepers!

Whether or not you have finished your 2014 taxes yet, IT NEVER HURTS to hand the responsibility over to a professional. Beaton Accounting will lift that burden off your shoulders and ensure you don’t miss any credits or deductions—and even minimize your liability! Think of the money you could save in the long run by letting a professional run your books.

We have professional bookkeepers available to manage your accounts year-round, making certain your invoices are paid on time and that your financial statements are accurate. Do NOT hesitate to call Beaton Accounting if you need professional tax, accounting, payroll or bookkeeping help!
We encourage you to call our experts when you have concerns! For a FREE tax consultation, call TODAY! (621) 921-6894.

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