5 Tips for Simplifying Setup for QuickBooks® 2014

QuickBooks Setup

Now that we’ve gone over what to expect from QuickBooks® 2014, it’s time to install and implement the new software. If you’re excited to start taking advantage of the improvements and new features, but dreading the installation process, don’t worry! We have a few useful tips that can help speed up setup and get you to work in no time.

Convert QuickBooks as of January 1st.

Did you know: converting to a new accounting system at the start of a new year significantly simplifies the process?  Since it’s only October, this means you’ll have to wait a few months before you can start reaping the benefits of QuickBooks 2014, but starting a new financial year when the New Year begins will let you enter a simpler trial balance. At the start of the year, for example, you’ll only have to enter asset, liability and owner’s equity account balances. At any other time, you’ll also have to enter year-to-date income and year-to-date expense account balances, which can get tricky.

10 Ways to Prepare QuickBooks® for Tax Season

Tax season is among us—but before you start thinking about handing over your QuickBooks® file or reports to your ProAdvisor, there are a few steps you can take to reduce the amount of work related to making changes and adjustments.

When it comes time to file, it’s extremely important to have clean books and easy-to-understand financial statements; this will ultimately lower your tax preparation costs and give you a much clearer understanding of what you’re paying out while avoiding potential errors and costs down the line.

Before tax season approaches, make sure: