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Payroll – A lot of business owners wish they had more hands on with this area of their business. But unfortunately a lot of them simply can’t do that because it either takes too much time, too much thinking, too much math or just too much headache if something goes wrong. To most business owners the very thought of having to be in charge of making sure your employees and the IRS get paid, can be simply terrifying. So at great cost, in several aspects, most business owners tend to hire an outside firm to complete this daunting task.

But what if you could be easily taught to master the payroll process yourself or have a current employee learn it or both? What if you could have that desired “hands on” with payroll and see where ALL of your business’s funds are going?

Well now you can with QuickBooks training in Payroll! That’s right, QuickBooks. You’ve either heard of it or your business is using it already… but are you utilizing one of it best features, payroll?

Here are some reasons why QuickBooks training – with a specificity in Payroll – can and WILL benefit your business!

1. It’s the BEST way to run payroll in-house!

With QuickBooks Payroll, you can run payroll as often as you like – in minutes. There are just three simple steps that you’ll learn in detail when training:

  • Choose which employees to pay and enter when they worked
  • Check and approve the QuickBooks summary of pay
  • Print your Pay Stubs – or just send them to your staff by email

3. You can use it for as many employees as you need.

Unlike outsourced payroll, with QuickBooks Payroll there aren’t any hidden costs. The monthly fee allows you to run payroll for as many people as you like, as often as you like:

  • Pay salaries and commissions, hourly rates, overtime and bonuses
  • Process holiday pay, maternity and paternity leave
  • Generate Pay-Slips automatically and even email them to employees

We won’t charge you every time a new employee joins or someone leaves. It won’t cost you extra to run payroll more often or process end-of-year forms. You just pay a fixed price each month.

4. One place for all your payroll functions

QuickBooks Payroll gives you easy access to all your staff and payroll details from two screens, the Employee Centre and Payroll Centre:

  • No struggling to find the right options
  • Clear instructions walk you through each stage of running payroll
  • Built-in schedulers remind you when it’s time to take care of payroll

If you’re not a finance or HR professional, payroll can seem like an overwhelming challenge. But because QuickBooks is designed for business owners, getting trained in explains everything in plain English. You’ll get payroll out of the way simply and quickly.


5. See how payroll affects your whole business

With outsourced or manual payroll, you can end up entering information into several different systems – it takes time and leads to errors but QuickBooks Payroll is different:

  • No need to enter figures more than once – data is used wherever it’s needed
  • Instantly see the impact paying employees has on your cash flow
  • Understand whether you can afford to take on new staff

With a QuickBooks Payroll integrated system, one set of figures – the right set – gets used everywhere. It makes it much easier to see how payroll affects your cash flow.

So if you’re in need of trying to streamline certain areas of your business and cut costs without having to cut employees then QuickBooks training is definitely right for you and members of your staff.

However if you do need to outsource your payroll, make sure it’s someone reputable, compliant and who’s clients speak highly of them.

To find out more about QuickBooks Training in Payroll or if you’re thinking of outsourcing your Payroll, speak with a Beaton Accounting QuickBooks & Payroll representative for professional advice on these matters and more! Call today for a FREE consultation: 631-921-6894

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