Sure, it may seem odd, but this topic is a valid question that needs answering.

Bookkeeping is meant to simply keep track of your business accounts and transactions, right? But as a small business owner, can it provide you with even MORE benefits? Let’s explore.


Running your own business is no easy task (trust us, we know firsthand). And managing the flow of incoming and outgoing transactions requires accuracy, patience and specific knowledge of bookkeeping. Often times, business owners think they can handle everything on their own, but their commitment to independence can lead to poor money management and even more prevalent — stress.

Bookkeeping is intimidating. It’s a meticulous task that requires focus and math. And unless you’re number nerds like us, math in itself is an instant turn-off. Our services not only add value to your business, but alleviate your stress by taking the pressure of crunching numbers OFF your hands. And when you’re forced to do a job that’s not your specialty, the stress levels only get higher.


Often times, regularly updating your books can reduce stress by saving you work on the back-end.



Did You Know?

  • 80% of workers say they feel stressed at work
  • Nearly half say they need help in managing stress

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Deepening on your business, the pressure to oversee your accounts may lead you to become uneasy or fearful. Anxiety can go as far as affecting your night’s sleep, which can then influence your productivity, eating habits and more. Working with a trusted, reliable and experienced bookkeeper (see Beaton Accounting) can work wonders for those with work anxiety.


Both stress and anxiety results in short-term high blood pressure (and potentially long-term). If you feel like having to manage your books is causing you extra amounts of unhealthy stress, 30-60 minutes of exercise is recommended to reduce stress and ultimately your blood pressure.

Running your own business certainly comes with stressful situations, but maintaining your health should always remain a top priority. Here at Beaton Accounting, we want to see your business thrive and take pride in helping you boost your overall health through effective, convenient and affordable bookkeeping.

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