Whether you’re one of those business owners who needs to do everything by hand or simply doesn’t trust technology — we get it. Everyone has their own method of keeping their books balanced. However, with the exceptional advancements in technology, using a reputable software can save you significant amounts of time and money for your business.  

Here are 3 ways how accounting software can revolutionize your business:

1)    Always Have a Backup of Your Files

Imagine spilling coffee all over your journal or ledger. Let that sink in for a minute. All of your files and months (if not, years) of accounting now left in a brown pile of java.


By using a software program, you’ll not only have a place to keep your documents, but you’ll ALSO have access to those files anywhere. As long as you have internet access, you can finish crunching numbers on the go.

With templates and pre-made organization all on the computer, you’ll easily be able to find what you need — and most importantly — when you need it. Eliminate the image of scrambling and rustling through mountains of paperwork and replace it with a series of feverish mouse-scrolls instead. Trust us, it’ll help you keep your sanity. 

2)    Reduce Your Number of Errors

Nobody’s perfect. But you can get pretty darn close when you use an accounting software system like QuickBooks®. Each of your transactions are automatically balanced so you don’t have to be concerned with entering certain numbers twice.

What’s even more exciting is that some program will even let you know when you’re entering a suspicious amount. Sometimes when you do bookkeeping or accounting manually, you won’t realize you’ve made an error until it’s too late. And software programs allow you to avoid that!

3)    Reward Yourself with MORE Time

It’s the most important perk you get as a small business owner. Think about the late night, saggy-eyed hours you’ve spent alongside a cup of coffee and your calculator just crunching away at your expenses. More time gives you the chance to work on what really matters — such as planning for the future, marketing plans or even sleep!

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