Reliable Tax Accounting Services in Winston-Salem, NC


Just as no two clients are the same, neither is our approach to your taxes. When you trust us with your business, we'll work to create your customized tax preparation suite that accomplishes your goals and is reflective of your needs. We'll begin the process by reviewing your previous years' tax returns and your current financial records. Using the information we collect, our team will create your tax preparation plan that outlines how we'll assist you. We encourage you to ask questions about your suite, as we can make any necessary adjustments that you see fit

At Beaton Accounting, we understand that our clients value flexibility and adaptability. That’s why a hallmark of our business tax preparation services is convenience. We can assist you face-to-face at your office or a mutually agreed upon location, depending on your preferences. We can also provide close assistance through Zoom video calls, which can prove valuable if you’re out of the state on business.

Above all, you can expect strong communication from our team. Whether you’d like to know more about a tax law change or you have a question about a recent development in your taxes, we’re here for you.

3 Signs You Need Tax Preparation Support

  1. Late tax filings: One of the most common signs that a business needs assistance is when they have a history of late tax filings. Although this is an easy mistake to fix, it can be a sign of more serious issues below the surface, like process inefficiencies.
  2. Missed tax deductions: Tax deductions are one of the best ways for small business owners to lower their tax burden. However, when you fail to capitalize on them, you miss out on cost savings opportunities that can make a significant financial difference.
  3. Underreporting income: The IRS and state consider underreporting income to be a red flag for small businesses and can result in fines and penalties. Underreporting income can be indicative of organizational mistakes like poor bookkeeping.

Leave the Accounting to Us!

We're here to help you succeed

Our firm is proud to offer time-tested business tax preparation services. Over the years, we've fine-tuned our tax preparation offerings to encompass everything from maximizing deductions to amending previous returns. Our accounting team looks forward to meeting you and showing you how tax season can become a great asset for your venture.

Contact us today for your free initial consultation and get the help of our skilled Winston-Salem small business tax accountants!