Start Building Bridges: How to effectively network on behalf of your company

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Connections have always been the building blocks of every successful campaign and business the world over. Without establishing relationships, your company will likely plateau in its expansion and have little chance of progressing within the industry. How do you ensure that this won’t happen? Simple. Network and network often!

Networking is key to introducing your company to other companies that can help you with production, expansion, connections, etc. By building strong connections with outside companies, you increase the likelihood of your company’s long-term success and growth. But where to start?

Know Your Company

First thing is first. Make sure you are able to tell other companies what it is your company does and how it benefits others. You should be able to tell others about your business in a 60-second ‘elevator pitch’, so they are able to understand the basics of your company right off the bat. That way, if they aren’t able to help you out with any of your business ventures, they can introduce you to someone else who will.

The Key to Networking Success? A Business Card

When you meet someone, be it on an airplane, at a convention, in a meeting, etc. you must be prepared to exchange your information. Business cards are the most effective and efficient way to distribute your information. Yes, technology and our reliance upon it has certainly increased over the years, but business cards are still the fastest way to exchange information. They also give you a chance to show how prepared you are, which is a great way to make a first impression!

Visit Conventions¾And Get Your Own Booth!

Industry conventions are a great way to meet other companies that can help you to further your goals within your own organization. And the best part? They are looking for the same thing! So, while not an organic method of meeting people, it’s more reliable that you’ll meet companies that have what you need and vice versa.

If you can, it would also behoove you to set up your own booth at a convention. In this regard, people will approach you as much as you approach them. Collecting contact information ensures that you can reach out to acquaintances and start establishing those connections right away.

Finally, Keep Up with Your Contacts

Once you have established contact with your connections, maintain the communication. Contacts won’t keep up with you if you don’t keep up with them. Consistently staying in touch with your acquaintances through email, phone calls and in-person meetings will establish a relationship that you can continue to build into a strong working alliance for your company. And once you have the alliances established, you can focus on working together to expand your business and theirs.

Something to keep in mind, when you are networking, be sure to get in touch with your accountant and make sure you have enough in your marketing budget for convention attendance. You will need to take into account airfare, hotel fare, meals and the cost of the convention (admission, booth, marketing materials, etc.). Once the budget is set, determine which conventions you are going to attend and get to networking!

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