Plan for an Extraordinary 2015!

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Can you believe it’s been 15 years since 2000? It’s time to change the big picture. Now is the perfect time for reflection to discover what we can do better.

1. Find a new focus for 2015.

Consider focusing on your goals and stick to it! Here are a few examples of company resolutions you could focus on in 2015:

  • Develop a new department (sales, marketing, operations, HR, administration, finance, creative etc…)
  • Change your company culture to become more positive. Set higher expectations for your staff’s behavior among one another and clients.
  • Build a positive relationship with a big client or group of people related to your business (insurance, pest control, cleaning etc.)

2. Live by a theme in 2015.

Choose a particular emotion, expression, quote, song, verse or even a color for your company to embody. Here are several examples:

  • Excellence in Everything
  • Ownership of Your Post
  • This is your time.
  • Gratitude
  • Purple

3. Do one big thing.

In 2015, don’t hold back. Take steps toward something you’ve wanted to do. You know that feeling when you finally accomplish a huge dream? It’s invigorating! Change your company and your life in 2015!

4. Visualize your goals…literally.

Remind yourself and your staff of your focus, theme and big goal. Put sticky notes on the refrigerator, repeat it every Monday during staff meeting, email out milestone checks and put posters on the wall. That way, your goals will be with you throughout 2015, constantly reminding you of what you can accomplish!