3 Reasons to Direct Deposit Your Refund

If you've yet to file your taxes electronically, now is the time to make the switch! Offering up both time- and money-saving benefits, filing online will not only help you keep more of what you've earned — it can also speed up the process of getting the money you deserve.

When you file electronically, your information goes into the IRS' system much faster than it would if filing by hand and mailing your return via snail mail. Once you choose to have your refund direct deposited — currently the most popular way to get your refund — and click submit, you're likely to see your return posted in your checking account in as little as five business days!

In fact, nearly 84 million taxpayers filed online and chose the direct deposit option.

Why? It's simple:

It's easy.

Choosing to take advantage of direct deposit couldn't be easier. With the click of a button, you're on your way to receiving your money in no time! Just don't forget to have the correct bank account and routing number on hand — this undoubtedly will speed up the process.

It's convenient.

When you choose to have your money direct deposited, your refund goes straight into your checking account — no need to wait for the IRS to process your return and send your check before making a trip to the bank. Not to mention, you can split your refund between three accounts; checking, savings, retirement, health and education accounts may qualify!

It's secure.

In fact, it's more secure than filing the old school way. When your refund check gets mailed via snail mail, there's a potential risk that your check could get lost or stolen in the mail — not when you choose to have your refund direct deposited!

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