Is There an App for That?

Technology is constantly changing. Thousands of companies are using software applications to save time and money.

But, how can you use some of these apps to streamline your business?

1. Bridge the Gap

Some of your systems that are already in place should talk to each other, but they don't. If you are finding you have to repeat data entry in several places, there is a chance that an integration app can help.

For example, if your POS system isn't linked with your accounting system, you can take advantage of apps and software that will minimize the amount of entry you need to do. There are systems available for accounting, payroll, inventory, project management, time tracking and more!

2. Matchmaking

Perhaps you are used to certain systems or maybe these systems are already linked and automated. But if these applications are not the best choice for your business requirements, you could be wasting time and money on a sub-caliber app.

For instance, if you are still performing a lot of data manipulation in Excel, your systems are falling short of your needs. Identify where this is happening and you'll discover opportunities for improvement.

3. Follow the Paper

Using a pen and paper is not outdated, but it can be time consuming — and we all know that time is money. So what tasks do you still use a pen and paper for? Chances are there's an app for that. Are you still handwriting checks? Depositing checks at the bank? There's an app for that.

Here's a helpful tip: Make a list of all the manual & paper processes you do and look for an app that makes the time go faster. Initially, you may have to take a little time to learn the app, but eventually you will be able to save a lot of time with the best technology.

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