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Monthly Newsletter Vol 3, Issue 9, September 2012

With QuickBooks, Payroll is as
Simple as 1-2-3...

A day everyone likes — payday. You work hard for your money. But what if you're the payer? It gets little more complicated then, doesn't it? We can help.

With QuickBooks®, payroll is as simple as 1-2-3:

• Set a payroll schedule and group all your jobs/projects with separate schedules.
• Next, run payroll carefully entering hours and or dollars.
• Finally, review and print — it's that easy!

If you still have questions, or simply want nothing to do with payroll, Beaton Accounting can help — and now is the perfect time to try us out with this limited-time offer:

Please look at this month's featured article for more information on QuickBooks and payroll.

Tom Beaton

Featured Article:

If You've Already Set Up Your QuickBooks Employee and Company Payroll
Files, the Hard Part's Over.

It's not just a catchy ad slogan: It's true. Unless you have dozens of employees or numerous exceptions each payday, you can literally process a payroll run in just a few minutes using the employee compensation tools in QuickBooks.

No matter which version of desktop QuickBooks you're using, payday chores are similar. Even if you've subscribed to Full Service Payroll and are having most of the work done by Intuit, you still have to enter the number and type of hours worked for each pay to continue reading

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Find out about our payroll services.
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Featured Article:
If You’ve Already Set Up Your QuickBooks Employee and Company Payroll Files, the Hard Part’s Over...

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QuickBooks Can Do Much More Than
You Think


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