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Monthly Newsletter Vol 2, Issue 19, July 2012

Helping You to Maintain
Balanced Inventory

Does it always seem like you are running out of product? Does your customer want to order big and you realize that inventory is way too short? Don't panic. Make sure your company is using the latest in Quickbooks to track inventory levels.

Stay in touch with your inventory with precise tracking of goods. Use the reminder feature in Quickbooks to make your job easier. And by all means, be ready for next big customer order. Call us now and Beaton Accounting will show you how to incorporate these methods.

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Tom Beaton

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QuickBooks Reports Help You Maintain
Balanced Inventory Levels

Running out of products too frequently? Having to sell cheap because inventory is overloaded? Use QuickBooks' reports.

It seems so simple in theory. Don't overstock goods because you'll tie up
too much money and perhaps need a clearance sale to get rid of the
excess. On the other hand, don't let yourself run out of anything and lose to continue reading

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Featured Article:
QuickBooks Reports
Help You
Maintain Balanced Inventory Levels


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Company File?
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