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Monthly Newsletter Vol 2, Issue 17, May 2012

Tips for Profitability:
How to Cut Expenses

How do you cut expenses in this tight market? Make the most of the tools available to you in QuickBooks. Set up budgets and stick to them as you work on your projects. Do you have inventory? Making sure you are using inventory correctly and verifying that pilferage is not there is crucial. Cross-train your employees to run multiple tasks so when one employee takes a vacation or is out sick, you will be covered and not miss a step. Find out more in this month’s newsletter.

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Tom Beaton

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Cutting Expenses Key To Profitability,
But How? Some Tips

It may seem like a no-brainer – cut expenses to make more money – but many small changes can result in significant savings.

It looks like the economy may finally be looking up. Still, this is no time to loosen the purse strings in terms of your business expenses. Rather, why not re-double your efforts to cut costs and boost your profitability?

Excessive expenses cause debt, which in itself can be very costly. So any money-saving actions you take will be doubly to continue reading

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Business Owner's Corner

Featured Article:
Cutting Expenses
Key to Profitability,
But How?


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