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Monthly Newsletter Vol 3, Issue 1, January 2012

Get Better Insight with
QuickBooks Report Modifications

Want a new beginning in 2012? Do something new with your business this year. How can you get a better bottom line? You don’t want to increase prices. You need all staff you have. There is a solution. Get better insight into your reports by running report modifications.

You have a certain balance sheet and income statement you run now, but you want more. Try customizing your report to enhance your earning potential. Explore how you have done in past so you can get a better handle for the current. Make changes where needed and make 2012 your best year yet. Ask us how!

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Tom Beaton

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Modifying QuickBooks Reports Gives You
Better Insight Into Past, Future

If you make one resolution about improving your accounting procedures in 2012, it should be this: Make extensive use of the tools that QuickBooks offers for report modification. Comprehensive, meticulously-shaped reports that flow out of your carefully-constructed records and transactions are your reward for pounding on the keys every day, conscientiously recording income and expenses.

QuickBooks supplies you with a wide variety of pre-formatted reports whose modification options can help you do focused, critical analysis of your financial data. The right set of numbers will help you understand your history and plan for the future more effectively... click to continue reading

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Featured Article:
Get Better Insight with QuickBooks Report Modifications

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