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Monthly Newsletter Vol. 2, Issue 9. September 2011

Tracking bills in QuickBooks...
is it worth the effort?

Paying bills? Sounds like something you would want to bury.

But wait, your business is actually dependent on bills, not just revenue.

Read this month’s Featured Article to see how to make this integral part of your business a snap.

Then give me a call for a free one hour consultation!

Tom Beaton

Featured Article:

Tracking Bills in QuickBooks, Worth the Effort

Next to payroll, paying bills is probably your least favorite task in QuickBooks. You don't have to use this feature – you can keep stacking bills on your desk, scrawling the due dates on a paper calendar, and writing checks.

If you're still operating this way, though, you're missing out on the numerous tools that QuickBooks offers to track your accounts payable, including the ability to…
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Featured Article:
Tracking Bills in
QuickBooks, Worth
the Effort


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