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Monthly Newsletter Vol. 2, Issue 7. July 2011

Is your business surviving –
but not quite thriving?

If your company has a good number of customers but your profit margin still isn't where it should be, you could have a losing job on your hands.

What is a losing job? Here's an example. Say you have 10 jobs that earn a profit of $10,000 — and one job that loses you $9,000. Your income statement will only reflect a profit $1,000. Good? Hardly.

A losing job brings your company down, but the good news is it's preventable. By tracking your jobs, you can get a jump on the ones that might turn into losing jobs before they affect your bank account. We have the expertise to help you assess your business' strengths and weaknesses and then address them. That way, you can turn that $1,000 profit into a $10,000 profit!

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Tom Beaton

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Job-Tracking Adds Precision to
Your QuickBooks Company

Does your business have clients whose work sometimes requires multiple steps drawn out over weeks or months, like remodeling projects or court cases? If so, and you're not using QuickBooks' Jobs features, you're missing out on the opportunity to track and evaluate the financial impact of these complex tasks.

You can, of course, just send an invoice out to these customers. But if you do, you're not taking advantage of what QuickBooks' job tools can do. If you create and track these projects faithfully, you'll have valuable insight that you wouldn't otherwise.
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Featured Article:
Job-Tracking Adds
Precision to Your
QuickBooks Company


Featured Article:
Are Your QuickBooks
Company Files


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