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Monthly Newsletter Vol. 2, Issue 6. June 2011

Are Your Files Tamper-Proof?

The worst feeling with the internet and computers today is worrying that your valuable information may be in danger. Could a hacker get into your computer? Could you experience identity theft by an employee? How secure is your sensitive data?
How can you be sure?

Take a look at this month's newsletter as a remedy for that situation.

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Tom Beaton

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Are Your QuickBooks Company Files

Every month, we provide information on how to better use QuickBooks. By implementing the best methods for managing your accounting data, you can actually improve your financial bottom line.

But all of your careful work is for naught if a malicious hacker gets into your computers, or if you experience identity theft by an employee. Social security and credit card numbers, home phone numbers and addresses, an excruciatingly detailed profile of your company – all can be lost in the time it takes to realize that it's gone... click to continue reading

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Featured Article:
Are Your QuickBooks
Company Files


Featured Article:
Sales Orders in
QuickBooks: Why?
When? How?


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