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Monthly Newsletter Vol. 2, Issue 3. Mar 2011

Repetitive Transactions? Memorize ‘em.

Do you have a routine you go through every morning before work?

  • Do you exercise?
  • Do you read?
  • Do you make a plan for the day?

Almost all of us have items that we repeat day in and day out. It can be the same way with running a business. If you invoice your clients monthly, you can use the Quickbooks tool “Memorize Transactions” to set this up as a recurring action.
If you use this tool you can simply go through your list and your billing is done.
Do you only invoice quarterly? If so, you can set that up in your Memorized Transactions as well.

The same method can be applied to your vendor bills. Do you have a loan due on the1st of each month? Do you always seem to forget about it? Not anymore…
Use your Memorize Transactions list and forget no more!

Feel free to give me a call if you need any guidance.

Tom Beaton

Featured Article

Repetitive Transactions? Memorize ‘em.

Filling out invoices the first time can be a pain, especially if they’re lengthy. But doing the same thing repeatedly if the identical invoice recurs regularly? No need.

QuickBooks can memorize a variety of transaction types, including invoices, purchase orders, and bills. After you’ve memorized them, you can edit, reschedule, and delete them, as well as group them if more than one will be dispatched on the same day. Here’s to continue reading

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Repetitive Transactions?
Memorize ‘em


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