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Monthly Newsletter Vol. 2, Issue 2. Feb 2011

Adopting Best Practices for 2011

Now that another year is upon you, how can you adopt a more prudent business
move for your company? How can you us the concept of best practices to get your company ahead?

Try using The Three I's – Identify, Implement & Insure. Read this month’s featured article to find out how to apply this concept to your business for success in 2011.

Tom Beaton

Featured Article

Turn Over a New Cliché: Adopt Best Practices

Turn over a new leaf. Make a New Year’s Resolution. Make a fresh start. Get your ducks in a row. All familiar clichés, but their message is valid: At this time of year, you probably feel like renewing your commitment to running a more successful, productive business.

There are numerous ways to do this, but you might consider adopting the concept of best practices (if you haven’t already). Most industries have them, primarily larger businesses. Best practices are a set of operational guidelines that are expected to produce a favorable outcome. Run your business using these techniques or methods, and you’re likely to be more successful…click to continue reading

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Adopt Best Practices

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