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Monthly Newsletter Vol. 2, Issue 12. December 2011

Do Something Different With Your Taxes
in 2012

Can you believe it? 2011 is almost over. What happened to summer and all the barbeques? It seems like we have less time and money as we move on in our future. How can we alter that? Well, we could start by thinking, “I will do something different in 2012.”

What can we change right away? Not a topic that we like, but everyone has to do—TAXES. We don't want to be bothered, and yet when the time comes for us to prepare our returns, we either do it ourselves or go to some well-known tax preparation office. Let us consider both options. If you prepare your own taxes, you may think you are saving money. In your hurry to get it over with, you file your taxes quickly. Some months later you receive a notice from IRS about taxes due. It seems you forgot to include some income on your return.

One client came to Beaton Accounting for help after he realized he made a $1000 error—all because he rushed through his filing and missed important items. Has this happened to someone you know? How about the second example? You go to a well-known tax preparation office after gathering all of your paperwork, have your taxes completed and pay $250. See anything wrong with that? Yes, you overpaid for service just because of their name. Had you spent time researching local tax preparers with experience, you might have saved some hard-earned money.

That is where Beaton Accounting can help.

Give me a call for a free one hour consultation!

Tom Beaton

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Featured Article:
Do Something Different With Your Taxes in 2012

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