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Monthly Newsletter Vol. 1, Issue 6. Aug 2010

Keep Your Data Secure with QuickBooks’ Protection Tools

Would you let just anyone have access to your money?

Normally we are safe with our money. We put it in a secure place and limit the number of people who have access to it. Shouldn’t you do the same with the data you use for your business? Who has access to your sensitive accounting data such as: employee earnings, profit and loss, project expenses and project income?

Be secure with your data with just a few clicks. Read this month’s featured article or ask us how!

Tom Beaton

Featured Article

Declare Your Independence From Security Worries:
Use QuickBooks’ Protection Tools

If there’s one application that you don’t want compromised by a security breach, it’s the one that contains all of your financial information. Recognizing that, Intuit has built a number of security features into QuickBooks that are designed safeguard your debits and credits…
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Featured Article:
Declare Your
Independence From
Security Worries:
Use QuickBooks'
Protection Tools


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