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Monthly Newsletter Vol. 1, Issue 4. June 2010

Teach Yourself Better Reporting

Let’s say you’re asked by your bank to bring your financial statements to a meeting. You would probably feel confident with your profit and loss statement and balance sheet, but how about your other financial reports? Do you feel as confident about those? Maybe there’s a better way to write these reports? Find out in this month’s newsletter!

  • You can customize your reports to your industry
  • You can run well-defined, customized reports to reflect the exact time period in question
  • You can memorize a report so you can use its same model year after year

Learn about these and many more time-saving methods in this month’s newsletter!

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Featured Article

School’s Almost Out: Teach Yourself Better Reporting

This being May, your children will be coming home with report cards soon. It might be a good time to grade yourself, to get a close look at how your business is doing. And there’s no better way to do that in QuickBooks than to run reports. You probably do that a lot already, but are you really making full use of the program’s reporting tools?

Let’s take a look. Reporting changed a lot between QuickBooks 2009 and 2010 in terms of interface, navigation, and access to reports. We’ll look at version 2010 since the core reporting mechanisms are similar, and wrap up with a brief summary of the new features in 2010.
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Featured Article:
School's Almost Out:
Teach Yourself Better


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