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Monthly Newsletter Vol. 1, Issue 3. May 2010

How to get Paid in a Recessed Market

"I will pay you as soon as the money comes in"

"I dont expect to make any payment for next 60 days"

Have you ever heard that?

What can you do in today's market to get paid on time?

Getting paid by your customer is not always easy. There are no easy solutions for non-payment. However, with hard work and effort you can get your desired results. Have you taken advantage of the QuickBooks Company Snapshot page? Can you tell if your customers are "repeat" customers or new customers?

Stay in touch with your customers with phone calls, emails and even text messages. Keep track in QuickBooks of what your customers are saying. By being organized, you will get an increased cash flow.

Beaton Accounting can set up your receivables. We can show how to get timely payments. CALL NOW!

Tom Beaton

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Featured Article

The Post-Tax Blues: How to Accelerate Receivables

Well, the taxes are paid (hopefully) for the 2009 tax year, and you’re almost a third of the way into 2010. How’s your cash flow doing this year?

If tax payments caught you short, you may be scrambling to build a cash reserve that protects your bottom line. There are many ways to do that, some less desirable—and possible—than others. Raise your prices. Apply for a loan. Freeze employee raises and minimize benefits (or, in the extreme, lay off a worker). Put off investments in new technology.

But there’s another option: Accelerate your receivables. It’s likely that in this economy at least some of your customers are slow to pay off invoices. Here are some suggestions to help improve your bottom line starting today.
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Featured Article:
The Post-Tax Blues:
How to Accelerate


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