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Monthly Newsletter Vol. 1, Issue 2. April 2010

Getting the Most from QuickBooks®

Does your QuickBooks home page really matter? We could answer that question by posing yet another question. Does a surgeon need all of the right tools on the table before beginning a surgery? Well, if we were on the table, we’d like to think they do!

Lucky for you, organizing your QuickBooks home page won’t be as tedious or complex as prepping for surgery. However, the principle is pretty much the same. It’s all about navigation and accessibility.

It is important for the user to have all of the necessary tools and icons at their fingertips to ensure that data is entered correctly and time is used efficiently.

Personalizing your QuickBooks homepage will help you to get the most out of your QuickBooks software!

This issue will explore the ways in which you can enhance your output and ultimately increase your profits.

Tom Beaton

PS: During such economic turmoil, it is important for you to fully understand receivables and learn how to increase your cash flow. Ask me how QuickBooks can help!

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Spring Cleaning: Personalize and Tidy Up Your QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks’ clean, simple appearance and efficient navigational tools make the software the most user-friendly and customizable product on the market. Since every person and every business uses QuickBooks a little differently, it can be very advantageous to create a desktop designed to meet your specific needs, while still maintaining the program’s inherent usability.

This article will show you several tools and tricks to help you get the most out of your QuickBooks software.
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Featured Article:
Spring Cleaning:
Personalize and Tidy
Up Your QuickBooks


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