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Monthly Newsletter Vol. 1, Issue 10. Dec 2010

Time to Prepare for Tax Season

Does this sound like you?

“Didn’t I just finish paying my taxes? Now it’s already time to prepare another return?”

“I’m swamped with paperwork, how do I get out of this mess?”

We know that the average business person is swamped with paperwork. We would like to help relieve the pressure by maximizing your accounting software and making tax time easier. One excellent feature called “Customer Snapshot” is a must see for monitoring your business.

Ask us about getting a year end review to get ready for tax time. We can help!

Tom Beaton

Offer Expires Jan 31, 2011. Please print this email and submit as coupon.

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Taxes 24/7/365

The reasons for putting off tax preparations are endless – and understandable. So tax filing deadlines may become the culmination of marathon sessions with your records, which can make mistakes more likely.

Conscientious daily work habits—including a constant eye on tax issues—can help prevent this painful scenario. QuickBooks offers many built-in tools to help you minimize the tax-time terrors…click to continue reading

New Service: Bundle Deal!Tax Season Special!

We can do your Tax Returns for you, starting as low as $60 per return. Order by January 31st, 2011 to get 20% OFF our already low prices!
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"Very reliable accountant who handles all bookkeeping and general accounting issues. Tom is very knowledgeable of QuickBooks® and has greatly benefited my business. I hope to expand my company to a public offering and I am sure Tom will be there to assist in this integration." - C.B.

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Taxes 24/7/365

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