Is it Deductible?

Probably the most common question accountants get from their clients when dealing with taxes is “Is it deductible?” To answer accurately, accountants evaluate all the

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Maximize the Benefits You Get from Your Accountant

A good accountant knows your business and his business well. He does his homework to make sure that he stays up-to-date on the latest accounting rules, regulations and ways to improve his services. Your accountant should understand financial management and how to maximize profits.

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Accounting Services Tools: Software as a Service versus Cloud Computing

If someone hasn’t approached you trying to sell you Software as a Service, get ready.

Software as a Service or SaaS (pronounced “sass”) is a new way to purchase software or other IT services without requiring new hardware. Also, SaaS doesn’t require you to do any installation or updating yourself. Instead, software is installed and maintained on computers at a separate location by your provider and delivered to you via a web browser using your Internet connection.

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How To Improve Your Collection Rates

It’s true that no one likes to be the bad guy. But it’s also true that you never agreed to donate your services to your clients.

When it comes to your accounts receivable, it’s important to first understand the processes you currently have in place and then how to leverage these processes to mitigate your risk and increase your chances of payment.

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Invest in Money Management and Save

These days, we see a lot of businesses looking for ways to cut excess expenses and save. But before any business can really gauge what they should keep and what they should eliminate, it’s essential to spend some time on money management.

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