7 Things People Want To Know About QuickBooks®

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As businesses transition to cloud-based accounting software, many questions are popping up about using QuickBooks® Online Payroll software. If you’ve chosen to integrate your system with QuickBooks® Online Payroll, you may want to browse these frequently asked questions.

1. Can I manage payroll with QuickBooks®?

Yes, you can manage payroll with QuickBooks®. You have several options or managing your payroll with QuickBooks®. You can process payroll manually yourself and enter the data into QuickBooks® manually.

2. Does QuickBooks® offer payroll that can be processed online?
Yes, QuickBooks® offers online payroll processing through its secure portal. Access it easily by logging into your account and then going to the Employees Menu. Click on ‘Try Free Payroll’ and then click ‘Get Started’. You will then be able to use your free trial.

3. How many employees can be paid with QuickBooks® Online Payroll?
QuickBooks® Online Payroll currently lets you process payroll payments for up to 100 employees. You can still process payroll for more than 100 employees, but you may experience difficulties.

4. Is it difficult to run payroll with QuickBooks® Online Payroll?
No. You should be able to do your payroll runs with just a few mouse clicks if everything is set up properly in advance. Each payday, you enter your employee’s hours in QuickBooks® Online and QuickBooks® Online Payroll will automatically calculate your employees’ paychecks.

5. Do I need to update payroll tax withholding rates when they change?
No, you should not have to update payroll tax rates or make too many other changes. Intuit has a specialized group of Payroll Specialists that work to keep QuickBooks® Online Payroll up-to-date for you; the idea is that they will do the work so that you do not have to do it yourself. Since QuickBooks® Online Payroll is, by definition, online or a cloud-based payroll program, you do not have to process the updates yourself. Intuit will update QuickBooks® Online Payroll automatically since the data and the application are stored on Intuit’s servers.

6. Does QuickBooks® Online Payroll support direct deposit?

Yes. As soon as you have synced your bank account to your employees’ account in QuickBooks® Online Payroll, you can deposit payments directly.

7. Can I use QuickBooks® Online Payroll to pay federal and state taxes?

Yes, you can use QuickBooks®  Online Payroll to pay any federal and state income taxes.

To read more extensively, visit http://accountingsoftware.about.com/od/quickbooks-resources/fl/Top-7-QuickBooks-Payroll-Online-Questions.htm.

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