QuickBooks 2012 New Feature: Intuit EasySaver

Posted on July 15, 2012

Larger orders mean more discounts. But some small businesses often just don’t order enough volume to take advantage of these discounts.

EasySaver, a new feature from Intuit offered in QuickBooks 2012, is designed to leverage the collective group buying power of QuickBooks users to help businesses save on their supplies.

When you are in the Edit Item window, viewing the Vendor menu or on the Home screen, various EasySaver icons and windows are available to offer you price comparisons and savings on the items you normally buy.

You should be able to get discounts of 20 to 30 percent, according to the Intuit QuickBooks support website.

Current items include office supplies, hardware and software and items from a category called “maintenance, repair and operations,” which includes items for light industrial and manufacturing companies. The suppliers are Office Depot, Intraline and RSHughes.

EasySaver is in a pilot phase and may not be available to all clients at this time. This is also the reason for the limited inventory in some cases.

In order to purchase supplies through QuickBooks, you will need to use your Intuit username and password. There aren’t any additional fees beyond the cost of the supplies themselves.

To track the items you ordered, you’ll need to access the EasySaver website; they won’t be displayed through QuickBooks after your order is placed.

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