How to Choose an Online Payroll Provider

Posted on July 15, 2014

Are you ready to focus your time and resources where they’ll be most productive?

Manually entering payroll through complicated systems is a tedious distraction from what really helps your business succeed, because trying to do things yourself through traditional methods opens you up to human error, wasted time and lost money.


You can reduce your risk and safeguard your profits by choosing the right online payroll provider. But you need to be smart about it!


Just because you’re ready to move forward, does not mean you should simply pass your payroll onto the first person available.


You need an online payroll provider who:

• Can work with your schedule

• Protects you from risk & liability

• Secures your online information

• Charges reasonable rates

To find out if a prospective payroll provider will be providing you with these benefits, you’ll need to ask 4 simple questions.

1) How Can I Reach You?

It makes no difference that you won’t be doing the bulk of the work. You still need ongoing customer service and 24/7 access to what’s happening with your accounts.

If you ask this question and the prospective provider . It’s a great sign if they can also deliver glowing testimonials and guarantees to ensure you will be kept informed and up-to-date with personalized customer service, then this is likely not the right choice.

2) Do You Guarantee Accurate Payroll & Payroll Tax Filing?

If there’s any apprehension or hesitation in their response to this question, that’s a big red flag. Take note!

Any full-service payroll provider worth their salt provides accurate and tax compliant services as a part of their “full-services.”

They shouldn’t charge extra fees for taking on these risks, because not having to worry about those issues is a basic reason for outsourcing your payroll to begin with. If they’re going to try and spring surprise fees like that on you, you need to consider whether this is someone who will truly have your interests at heart for the long run.

3) Is my information kept secure?

They should have an answer for you right away that includes how often your accounts are backed up and where or how your accounts are kept secure.

The information they will be handling is precious cargo and deserves proper protections, including encrypted storage and multiple firewalls. As a client, you deserve to know that they are taking certain measures to protect your information.

4) What’s Your Pricing Plan?

Pricing depends on the size of your company, your payroll scheduling and many other factors, so you’ll need to shop around a little bit to get a truly realistic feel for what a decent price would be.

Someone charging unusually low rates can be a worse sign than someone who brings you a price that’s through the roof. The most important thing is that your business benefits long term, because the price you pay should not exceed what you gain in return.

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