4 Tips to Optimize Your Overall QuickBooks® Experience

Posted on April 15, 2014

 Congratulations! You made it through another season of taxes.

Now that tax season is officially over, it doesn’t mean your work is, too (unfortunately). We all know the time-saving, stress-freeing benefits that QuickBooks® offers — but to help make your use of the program even easier, here’s a few tricks to enhance your accounting experience.

Personalize Your Icons

No two businesses are the same — so why should their accounting be?

QuickBooks® comes with several convenient options to customize the way you keep track of your books. From reminders to reporting to banking to vending, personalizing your icons saves you massive amounts of time in the long run and eases the process of finding your most used options. Unless your business is basic and traditional, switch up your icons to meet YOUR needs!

Customize them by going to the View menu and then Customize Icon Bar.

Back Up Your Data Wirelessly

Nothing is more important in the computer world than making sure all of your work is saved. You can easily back up your information on your own disk OR you can take it a step further with cloud technology.

Intuit offers data backups to their cloud starting at only $5 per month and you can access these files from ANY computer without having internet connection. Talk about convenience!

Organization is Key — Use Classes to Keep Better Track of Your Numbers

Just how you sort your music by genre, the Classes option on QuickBooks® allows you to further categorize every portion of your business.

Each time you enter a transaction, QuickBooks® asks you to create your own class — helping you compartmentalize your accounts for an easier, better-flowing business.

And the best part? With the separate classes that you create, you’re now able to run reports on your profits or losses by class.

Only Use the Chart of Accounts You NEED

Remember, you don’t have to use what QuickBooks® has already provided — make the program work for YOU! With your chart of accounts, QuickBooks® assumes the basics ones your business needs — income, expenditures, etc.

If the chart lists too many accounts, delete ‘em! The less cluttered your program, the less stressful your accounting.

How do I customize them, you ask? Simply click Lists >>> Chart of Accounts and then personalize them using the right-click button.

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